*Add a reference for EACH website you use for information! Add it to the bottom of your page; here's how the citation should be organized .
Look at the rubric (click on "ocean organism rubric" below). Look through it so you understand the expectations of the project.
Start filling in your page. Verify EACH piece of information with a second source.

*To learn how to add pictures, see this section.

Find your page and fill it with your content. When you have a creature selected we'll rename your page.

If you choose you may select a creature that appears in the Wii game Endless Ocean.

Assignment sheet
coral reef (found at feedmewp.com)
coral reef (found at feedmewp.com)


Resources to get you started:

Enchanted Learning
Reefimages.com (a site that underwater photographers maintain to share pictures and information -- great images!)
Sea and Sky (run by a hobbyist who loves the ocean and the night sky)
Environmental Protection Agency's coral reef fish guide
A Thinkquest on Hawaii's coral reefs


1. Using a separate tab in your web browser (COMMAND-T), find a picture you like and view the image (note: check the source instead of just copying the picture, or you might get an inaccurate picture!)
2. Copy and paste the web address of the picture
3. Go back to the other tab with the wiki page open
A Gorgonian Sea Fan (National Geographic)
A Gorgonian Sea Fan (National Geographic)

4. Be sure you're editing the page (you'll see the edit bar at the top)
5. Put your cursor where you want the picture (It'll have to start on the left-hand side)
6. Click on the "file" button
7. Click on the "External Image" tab
8. Paste the web address into the "Load" bar
9. Click on "load"
10. Double-click on it
To adjust its size, click on the image. Using the "File Properties" toolbar, you can make it bigger or smaller and align it.

Include a caption for each picture. Tell us what we're looking at and the name of the website where you found the picture.

Make sure you link to the web page by doing this:
1. Click on the image
2. Select "add link"
3. Select "external link"
4. paste the web address


Create a citations section on your wiki page.
Add ANY sources that you consult for information.
Use this format:

<blank line>
Author's name
Name of the entire website
web address
Copyright date (or date of last update)
Date of when you looked at it
<blank line>

Kennedy Warne
National Geographic
Copyright 2005
March 10, 2010