Banded Clownfish
Picture of a Banded Clownfish or Clarks' Anemonefish
Picture of a Banded Clownfish or Clarks' Anemonefish

Banded Clownfish or Clark's Clownfish (Clark's Anemonefish) adults can grow to 14 cm ( 5.5 inches).

The patterned Banded Clownfish can be different in color as an adult. Adults can get from a yellow or brown base color with either two or three white or gray bands. The band on the tail may not be there on some adults. Males tail fins are yellow or will at least have some yellow on their tail fin, but some females tail fins can change to white as they mature.

The Banded Clownfish are omnivores, they eat plankton and will also pick at the dead tentacles of the other anemone. In the aquarium, they don't need special food. This fish will readily accept a wide variety of foods; including live foods, frozen and flake foods, algae, meaty foods, shrimps, and may feed on tablets. Finely chopped meaty foods can be fed regularly. Feed at least twice a day, whatever they will consume in about 3 minutes. It does not harm live corals or small inverts, but large adults may attack ornamental shrimps.

The predator of the clown fish is human!

Clown fish can reproduce year-round because of the warm water that they live in. A girl can lay about 400-1500 eggs per day, depending on its size. If a female dies, the breeding male will change gender and become the female.

Where they are found
The Banded
was first described by Bennett in 1830. This is the most widely distributed anemonefish going from the islands of Micronesia and Melanesia in the western Pacific to the Persian Gulf, and from Australia to Japan. They inhabit outer reefs and lagoons and are usually found at depths between 3 - 197 feet (1 - 60 meters).

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