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Black Tip Reef Shark

Size (length and weight)

The Black Tipped Shark only grows to be 5 to 8 ft long no larger.
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Physical description
It is highly visable by the black tips on its fins.It is not very large compared to other sharks.I
Location in the world
This shark lives in tropical areas around the world.

The Black Tip Reef Sharks diet consist of school of fish such as Herring,Sardines,Mullet,and Anchocies.Then for bigger meals Catfish,Groupers,Porgies,Flat Fish, Trigger fish, Porkie Pine fish, Dogfish , Sharp Nose Shark,Duskey Sharks, Sting Ray, Squids, and Sea Snake.
It has no natural predators because of were it lives.

It has 4-6 young every time it gives birth.

Niche or role in their ecosystem
It's role is to keep the fish pop. under control.

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