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Blue Starfish external image ChubbyBlueStarfish.jpg Linckia Laevigata


12 inches, weight isn't known on any sources.

Physical description
Small and very peaceful looking, has stubby arms and firm texture. Also a very exotic color of blue that is where it gets its nickname from.

Location in the world
The Indian and Pacific Oceans

The Blue Starfish is an Omnivore, which means that they eat both meat and plants. It eats small chunks of marine meat or clam for food and sometimes even bacterial films, small encrusting sponges, and dead mollusks.

The dog -faced puffer fish and a couple of types of snails are predators of the blue starfish.

The young are a more green color than blue but once they reach adulthood then they start to have that pigment blue color. (how many get born at one time? Do the young look any different than the adults? Do they have a larval stage?)

Niche or role in their ecosystem

(what roles does this organism play in its ecosystem? Why is it important?

Other names

Comet Sea star and
Blue Linckia Sea Star.

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