Bowmouth Guitarfish

Scientific name ( Rhina ancylostoma)

Size (length and weight)

maximum length is 3 meters and at birth 45 cm, the max record of their weight is 135 kg

Physical description
rounded nose, with a ridges between its eyes and along down its back, dorsal fins, large, shark-like, teeth ridged, light spots, and their either brown or gray,

Location in the world
rocky and coral reefs, sand and mud bottoms, often inshore 1-20 meters

feeds mainly on the bottom on crabs, shrimp, and clams


four to five at a time

Other names
Bowmouthed guitarfish, Bow-mouthed angle fish and Shark ray

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FUN FACT CORNER! 1. When the Bowmouth Guitar fish is born it does not have spots, but when it gets oler they start to come in. 2. They are always getting hurt by fisher men and people in Asia sell there fins for money. 3. They are mixed between a sting ray and shark