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(Brownbanded bamboo shark and Sharksucker)

Chiloscyllium Punctatum (heading 3)

(Complete at least five of these categories)

Size (length and weight)

(40.9" 104 cm)

Physical description
(what it looks like, identifying marks, and so on)

Location in the world

(Western Pacific)


(Varied diet of marine meaty foods, fresh shrimp, scallop, marine fish flesh, specially prepared frozen foods for sharks, Feed to satiation 3 times a week?)

(Potential predators of the brownbanded bambooshark include larger fish such as sharks as well as marine mammals.)

(how many get born at one time? Do the young look any different than the adults? Do they have a larval stage?)

Niche or role in their ecosystem
(what roles does this organism play in its ecosystem? Why is it important?

Other names

Living Reefs

Callie Matthews

The Five Questions :

  • How many years does it take to for the Chiloscyllium Punctatum to reach adult?
  • How long does the Chiloscyllium Punctatum live to be?
  • How fast does the Chiloscyllium Punctatum swim?
  • Where does the Chiloscyllium Punctatum hide when a predators are chasing it?
  • Where does the Chiloscyllium Punctatum sleep?