Cinderella Sea Slug

Scientific name- Hypselodoris apolegma

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Size (length and weight)

Under 1 in. (2.5 cm) long

Physical description
Sea slugs are brightly colored and have very nice patterns, they also have two tentacles on there head with two eyes for both of the tentacles.

Location in the world
A sea slug can be found in the caribbean but mostly everywhere around the world.

Cinderella Sea Slugs eat plankton and sponges.

Cinderella Sea Slugs are adults only.

Niche or role in their ecosystem
They do photosynthesis.

Other names

Hypselodoris apolegma

Cool Facts!

  1. A Cinderella sea slug leaves behind slime and it releases a chemical in the slime that can warn other sea slugs or the scent in the slime attracts another sea slug and then they mate.
  2. Cinderella Sea Slugs come in the most beautiful colors like purple, yellow, red, and blue.
  3. Cinderella Sea Slugs look like they are just plants on the coral reef and are reality to the sea cucumber

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