The Commerson's Dolphin

Cephalorhynchus Commersonii

Size (length and weight)
The commerson's dolphin is around 1.5 meters long. They usually weigh from 40 to 60 kg.

Physical description
This dolphin has a black head, dorsal fins, and fluke, the rest of the body like the throat and body. The fins end with a tip. The Fluke has a notch in the middle. This Dolphin doesn't have a beak.

Location in the world
This Commerson's dolphin is found on southern tip of South America, Kerguelen Islands,The Strait of Magllan, in the waters of the India Ocean and near Falkland Islands.

The Commerson eats pelagic and middle coastal fish and squid and sometimes eats crustaceans.

killer whales, sharks and leopard seals

The young are called calves and are born all black. White highlights appear when they get older. They start eating when they are 6 months old.

Other names
Sea World Water Park
Sea World Water Park


Cool Facts

  • commonly called the skunk dolphin
  • one of the smallest toothed

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Swimming (from flickr)
Swimming (from flickr)

Commerson's are enjoying a swim!
Swimming together
Swimming together