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Giant sea spider

Organism name (heading 2)

Scientific name (heading 3)

(Complete at least five of these categories)

Size (length and weight)

75 cm
Physical description
Black and thick and thin legs
Location in the world
They live in the Arctic Ocean Caribbean Sea Antarctic , etc

the giant sea spiders suck the nutrients from soft body victims

What might eat the Giant sea spider. A Giant worm

First they live in a silk sack and there are 200 in side the silk sack they look a like.

Niche or role in their ecosystem
It is impotant because to the ecosystem because without them there would be a lot of zoo plankton.

pycnogonids 1. What does the giant sea spider eat? 2. Are giant sea spiders venomous? 3. Do they live in sea caves? 4. Do they have fangs? 5.Do they make webs ?