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Golden Puffer Fish (heading 2)

Auriglobus Modestus (heading 3)

Size 4.5 inches

Physical description
silvery on the bottom and goldish on the top

Location in the world
found in Asia

eats shelled creatures is a carnivore

Tiger shark

The golden puffer fish lays 4 to 5 eggs and they dont look alike their parents right when they are born, but when they begin to grow.

Niche or role in their ecosystem
The golden puffer fish is a shy fish. it is not aggressive

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1. Animal World
2. Golden Puffer
3. Facts About The Golden

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My five questions on my creature.
1. Why does it live near Asia?
2. Why does it have silver on its bottom?
3. Why do they eat shelled creatures?
4. Does it cause any harm to any creature or human?
5. Is it poisonous?

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