baby golden trevally
baby golden trevally

Golden trevally Gnathanodon speciosus

They can get up to 33 pounds but normal and they grow up to 4 ft .

Adult Golden Trevallys are a silver with a gold over tone and have fine stripes or spots. Juveniles give this fish there name because they are bright gold with black bars.

They live in warm parts of the Pacific Ocean and the Red Sea.

How long does my fish live?
How big do are Golden trevally babies?
What is the water tempter of the water were they live?
What are the predators of the Golden trevally? What do baby Golden trevally babeis eat?

Any small fish that crosses there path


They follow shark to hide from danger. Babies hide in tentacles of a jellyfish.

The young are a golden silver color that is were the Golden trevally.

Niche or role in their ecosystem
They really don't have a role it tis ecosystem.

Other names

Gnathanodon speciosus