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Organism name (heading 2)

Scientific name (heading 3) Great White Shark,Striped Marlin

(Complete at least five of these categories)
five questions are
1. what is the size of the fins.
2.how big are the teeth.
3.how big are the babies when they come out.
4.how big is the great white sharks tail.
5.when does a baby great white turn 1?
Size (length and weight)

The Great White Sharks length is The Great White is between 12-16 feet long, and can grow up to 19-21 feet.
Physical description

The Great White is blue and white and its nick names are death shark, and white shark. The Great White has 3000 teeth.
Location in the world
You can find a Great White Shark in most of the gulf of mexico,hawaii,most of south america,south africa,and new zealand this is just a few there are a ton more places where you can find a great white.
As adult they eat Sea lions,and Seals and as juveniles they eat Fish,and Rays.

http://www.oceanlink./biodiversity/shark/shark.htmlPredatorsexternal image great-white-shark-002.jpg
There are no other organisms
There are 2-14 pups born at a time they are very different from their moms
Niche or role in their ecosystem
The role for a Great White is to be just like other fish but the incounter humans and when the sharks sees that a human is trying to swim and they can't the shark thinks that te human is a fish stuggling to swim.
Other names
Another name for a Great White Shark is a sharp shark, white shark, and killer shark. The scientific name for the Great White Shark is Caracharodon Carcharias.
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